The Art Society Heritage Volunteers, both here and in mainland Europe, work to conserve and preserve our heritage, saving our hard pressed museums, historic houses, churches and gardens many millions of pounds. The volunteers help in non-specialist but vital ways by caring for collections of all sorts thereby preserving and keeping our heritage accessible to all.

The Arts Society volunteers are involved in repair, cataloguing and restoration at the library  the Dyson Perrins Museum, and the restoration and conservation of altar frontals, and church vestments at the Cathedral, and in 2011, in conjunction with the Cathedral Embroiderers, ten new Offertory Bags were created in canvas. In addition the lovely Lectern Fall seen on arrival at meetings was worked by the group and presented to the Society on the occasion of our 25th Anniversary in 2012. Looking to the future, recent Lottery money has enabled our volunteers to set up a workshop at Hartlebury Castle to replicate the lovely embroideries worked by Lady Julia Carew, and the Hartlebury Castle Chapel's altar frontal.

Training is given in all aspects of the work for those who feel that their enthusiasm may not be matched by skill, and anyone interested should contact Rebecca Dale